In memory of Zamba


On May 4. 1992 your were born. On June 26. we got you home to Morskogen, and you soon got the nickname "Gold".
You became the foundation of our breeding and our kennel is of corse named after you. 

You are a mother and grandmother and grand-grand mother to many offspring all ower the world. Our hope is that those who are so lucky to have your bloodlines will take good care of them. A leader as fear and stedy as you is not easy to find.

You were always a patient and kind mother to your puppies, and also for other puppies at the kennel. You have raised all puppies we kept at the kennel, and we know that no one could have done it better than you. Even these last days of you life you were just as patient with the small once that often wanted your attention.

We have been so lucky to have you for over 11 years. It was empty this morning when I stood up and you were no longer on your favoriteplace under the kitchen-table. I miss your heavy, old breath and your eyes so wize, but I know I did the only right thing to do when I let you go to sleep yesterday July 13. 2003

There was something different in your eyes - something I had never seen before - pain and a prayer to let you go. 


3 weeks old

8 weeks old

Zamba 5 months old with Caroline

Zamba (1 year old)  and her best friend for many years - "Ero"

18 months old

2 years

Zamba in bed with Caroline

Zamba became a Norwegian Champion in october 1996

Winning BIG 3 in 1996 - judge Anne - Marie Thommasen, Sweden

Zamba and Borger climbing the mountains in Briksdalen 1996

9 years old

10 1/2 years old  - winter 2002/2003

Zamba in her favorite place - under the kitchen-table.


04. May 2003   Zamba is 11 years!