Memories of Fanta


Nova gave us a great gift when she produced Fanta.
We will allways be greatful for having her in our lives
eeven if she left us much too soon - only 15 months old.

Fanta did soon become a star in the show-ring,
and she would be a great champion one day
if she only could stay in this life for a bit longer.

But most of all Fanta was a great friend.
She was allways very positiv and loving to everyone.
Your beautiful dark eyes said it all - there was only kindness.

The day before she died we went to a show together,
and won her 5.CAC.
She was very happy to get home - even if it was just to die....

We will allways miss you Fanta,
and I know who will miss you the most - your sister Wilma.
TThe two of you have allways been like one,
I am sorry you had to leave her so soon.
But one day you will meet again....

Thank you for giving us so much joy on your short visit on earth.
You will allways have a place in our heart.