Memories of Unix




Born: 23.04.03   Died: 05.12.12    HD:A / ED:A (excellent)
Sire:  Nambo Du Val Du Morakopf  HD:A
Dam: Pearl Du Chateau Robert    HD:A
Breeder: Bernhard Ketterer, France

Just before christmas in 2003 we went to visit Bernhard and Patrichia in France to pick up Unix.
He was then allmost 8 months old.
It didn't take me long to understand that this boy was very special.
He communicated with his long speaches
and the older he got, the more he spoke. And allways answered when we talked to him.
The strange thing is that allmost all his offspring also do this,
and eventhe generations after that.
Unix is the father to my L, M and P litter
He also is the father to many offspring with other breeders.

Unix was 100% kind to everyone both people and other dogs.
It would never cross his mind to do anyone any harm.
And he was loved by so many people.

He found his place among my other dogs, but he never liked to stay in a kennel
as he allways wanted to be close to people and get a lot of attention
This was not possible here because I have so many dogs - he had to chear my time with others.
So when he was 6 years old, I found a home for him - not far away.
A home where he could get all the attention, and be really spoiled on his old days.
It was very hard to do this as I missed him every single day,
but still I knew that it was the best for my boy.
Jon and May-Britt loved Unix with all theire heart and gave him the perfect home.
He slept beside theire bed, he was never allone,
he went camping, and got egg for breakfast, and steak for dinner on weekends
And most of all he got all the love and attention he needed.
Thank you Jon and May-Britt for loving him so much!

Unix came visiting from time to time and it was allways hard to say goodbye.
Then one day in december 2012 he came for his last visit
His new family didn't bear to put him to sleep,
so he came home to me

When he came he did not speak anymore - he was so quiet, and I knew it was time
9,5 years old Unix passed away with his head on my lap.
This special boy will never be forgotten!

Thank you Jon and May Britt for loving Unix so much !
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